A Message to Most 90’s Kids: Please Shut Up

I was born in 1992, I grew up with classic Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, I’ve played the video games, I’ve seen the movies, I’ve basically been through the 90’s; and yes, I enjoyed it and still love all those things today.

However, 90’s pride is really starting to get on my nerves.  It seems like everyone these days are dissing other generations just because they didn’t grow up with what you grew up with.

If this is part of being a “90’s kid,” I’d rather not label myself as one.  It’s beginning to mean having the arrogant belief that everything is better if you grew up with it, and thinking that kids these days are screwed just because they weren’t born on time.

The funny part is that 80’s kids look at 90’s kids and say “your shit sucks.”, and it’ll probably be the same for 2000’s kids looking at 2010’s stuff.  It’s called nostalgia, and it’s an actual phenomenon in the human brain that takes past experiences and glorifies them.

Your generation wasn’t anything special, whether you were born in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, etc., so please put a cork in it.  Everyone has their share of nostalgia, so stop judging people just because they’ve never experienced the same exact things you did.  There’s plenty of good and plenty of bad things to come out of each generation.

Finally, stop being in denial about new ideas just because they change what you had when growing up.  There are 649 Pokémon and only eight planets in the solar system, that is FACT whether you like it or not.  You change, and so does the world around you.  Live with it.

That will be all.

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    While I do agree with this 100%. I am a 92 girl as well. But kids these days don’t have as many good cartoons. No that...
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    I must say, I adored this post all the way up until they said that there are only 8 planets. agreed Pluto was once...
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    A very agreeable post that brings a smile to my face.
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    Dear god yes.
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    You are not a 90s kid just because you were born in the 90s in fact you were 4 by the time they started sucking. Get off...
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    Another 90’s kid in denial, is this the hot new fad?