darkblaze6 asked:

Silly nico, Ash is in Hell and can never growing up, and instead will live an eternal cycle of going from nothing to something and losing it all to bullshit, and starting from scratch. His is the modern day story of Sisyphus, from the perspective of a young child. Doomed to strive for victory again and again, but always shall falter right before the Apex

This is actually really sad.  Ash isn’t in a coma… he’s been DEAD the whole time.

Anonymous asked:

Thoughts about people wanting Mario's Down B to forever be Mario Tornado?

Forget the Mario tornado, it was stupid, give him a whole different Down-B instead of that or FLUDD.  Plus, the new Mario tornado is better because you can do it coming down and can lead into a grab.

DLC LEAK - The Cat in the Hat Moveset

B: Green Eggs & Ham: Pulls out a frying pan and launches green eggs or ham randomly in front of him.

B>: 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: Quickly swings either 1 fish, 2 fish, a red fish or blue fish in front of him.  Damage dealt depends on the fish.

B^: Hop on Pop: Pop appears under him and the Cat in the Hat uses his belly as a trampoline.  After bouncing off, the Cat in the Hat pulls out an umbrella and floats gently towards the ground.

Bv: Hat Fill: The Cat in the Hat puts his hat out in front of him and collects up to 3 projectiles, which can be dumped back out at the foes.

Final Smash: Cleaning Machine: The Cat in the Hat gets in his cleaning machine and can move freely left and right across the stage as the machine’s appendages extend out and hit the foes.

Ugh… this is so disappointing.  Do we REALLY need more clones?  Mr. Game & Watch was so unique… not anymore I guess…

Trying to get honey mustard or any kind of dipping sauce at Wendy’s is the most nerve-wracking thing ever.  You can’t tell them how many to give you because they’ll just be like “Naawwww, I can only give ya THIS much!”  So they’re either gonna give you one, two or three, and I feel like the amount you get determines how good the rest of your day is gonna be.  If you get one, your day is ruined, two, everything’s gonna go pretty well, and three, today’s gonna be the best day of your life.  “We’re goin’ to the casino tonight, Jim, it’s one of those 3 honey mustard days, I’m feelin’ it!”



There’s really to no point to anything. A lot of stress comes from the idea of wanting to accomplish something, but if I don’t accomplish anything cute girls won’t like me.

Forest if I see one more edgy middle school post come out of that Mountain Dew Baja Blast sewage system you call a mouth I swear to god I’m gonna go republican dad on your ass and send you to fucking military school you dope.

griffodrake asked:

Do I remember correctly when I recall you saying something about having a few extra SSB3DS demo codes, or am I thinking of someone else? If you do, I'll unlock Popeye in yours for one. For realsies.

You’re thinking of someone else.  Also I don’t think Popeye is in this version of Smash, but hey, Project M2 will probably put Popeye in.