Anonymous asked:

Is Sonic dead?

Yes.  Honestly, yes at this point.  It’s like no matter who makes a Sonic game, it’s never good anymore.  Colors and Generations had to have been good by accident or something.

Remember when BioWare, a dev renowned for making top of the line RPGs, made a Sonic RPG and somehow turned it into the worst RPG in existence?

Remember when the first Sonic game Dimps ever made was 10x closer to a real Sonic 4 than the actual Sonic 4 they made was?

Can Sega just let Taxman & Stealth make Sonic 5?  It can be low budget as hell and end up being the best Sonic game in over a decade.

Anonymous asked:

Thoughts on Sonic Boom?

Show, I dunno.  Games, they’re going to suck dick.  I can literally taste how much dick they’re going to suck just by looking at the footage.  If the games somehow end up being fantastic, I’ll suck my own dick and live stream it.

Anonymous asked:

Except BB/VW is just a more difficult and varied Black/White while making alot of Pokemon more usable, without all the edgy shit in the mix. Thoughts?

OH, okay, it’s a technical hack.  I thought it was gonna be one of those shitty Pokémon hacks that’s like “Pokémon Shadow Chaos Nuclear Dark Black X” and the protagonist will have a black shirt and emo hair.

I’m always down for technical hacks, so I’ll probably try it.